Tourism in Iceland has grown considerably in recent years. It has surpassed the fishing industry and is now the main generator of foreign revenue for Iceland. In just a few years, tourism has changed from being a low-key seasonal activity operating mostly over the summer months (June-July-August) to a very successful all-year industry. Today there are many companies offering a great variety of tours ranging from sightseeing day trips and excursions to multi-day experiences into the wild.  Exploring the great outdoors is the adventure in Iceland.  Whale watching, glacier hiking, river rafting are some of the activities that have been developed over the years to make Iceland an exciting place to visit. In short, there is something for everyone.

Day-tripping and darkness

Summer in Iceland offers a gift of 24 hour daylight. This makes it possible to explore at any time of day. It is an unusual phenomenon which can be both wonderful and irritating, especially if you can’t sleep due to the light. Winter is almost the opposite with only a generous 4-hour light period.  Activities in winter are concentrated around the 11:00 – 16:00 time frame to make use of the short daylight hours.

Conscious tourism

Iceland’s popularity is definitely due to its magnificent nature, wide open spaces and stunning landscapes. The unique nature of Iceland includes volcanoes, mountains, lakes, glaciers, rivers, caves, black beaches and more. All of these together help to create life-time experiences and unforgettable memories, but please don’t forget that Iceland’s nature is pristine and fragile. Please walk on marked trails, throw rubbish in bins and drive on marked roads or trails. Practicing conscious tourism helps us all to contribute to minimizing the damage to nature caused by mass tourism.

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  • Viking Horses

    Viking Horses offer short horse riding tours in beautiful nature on the outskirts of Reykjavik.

    Horse Riding
  • Íslenski Hesturinn

    The Icelandic Horse is a small family run horse rental which offers high quality services and has been top ranked on TripAdvisor from the start.

    Horse Riding
  • Seal Watching Hvammstangi

    North West Iceland +354 8979900 Website

    Seal Watching Hvammstangi offers boat trips from Hvammstangi around Miðfjörður and Húnaflói during the summer, giving you the opportunity to watch seals in their natural environment.

    Whale Watching & Sailing
  • Elding

    Downtown Reykjavik +(354) 519 5000 Website

    Elding Whale Watching offers the most talked-about whale watching and sea adventure tours in Iceland. With decades of experience, they provide responsible whale watching tours, year round.

    Whale Watching & Sailing
  • Ambassador

    North East Iceland +354 4626800 Website

    A specialist Whale Watching Tour Company offering a range of whale watching and marine wildlife adventures from Reykjavík and Akureyri, Iceland.

    Whale Watching & Sailing
  • Seatours

    Downtown Reykjavik +354 433 2254 Website

    They offer tours to different islands and locations like The Westman Islands, Flatey Island, Brjánslækur, Stykkishólmur or Akranes.

    Whale Watching & Sailing
  • Eldhestar

    Eldhestar provide horse riding tours from a unique location between volcanoes, rivers and the ocean only about 30 minutes drive from Reykjavik, in the heart of Iceland‘s south-western countryside.

    Horse Riding
  • Pólar Hestar

    North East Iceland +354 463 3179 Website

    Riding tours in Northern Iceland, where the mountains of Fjördur Peninsula meet the Arctic Sea many legends tell about hidden homelands of the elves.

    Horse Riding
  • Reykjavik Segway Tours

    Downtown Reykjavik +(354) 897 2790 Website

    Reykjavik Segway tours offers scheduled Segway tours in Reykjavik in summer and on demand all year.

    Biking / Cycling
  • Mývatn Nature Baths

    North East Iceland +354 464 4411 Website

    The Mývatn Nature Baths are the north’s answer to the Blue Lagoon in the south. The water contains a rich blend of minerals, silicates and micro-organisms, giving it the blue colour.

    Swimming pools & Spas
  • Láki Tours

    Whale watching adventures and puffin tours on Snæfellsnes. New trips from Hólmavík. Sightings of orcas, sperm whales and humpbacks as well as other species

    Whale Watching & Sailing
  • The Beer Spa

    North East Iceland +354 4142828 Website

    Bjórböðin Spa is a unique luxury beer spa owned by the microbrewery Kaldi in Árskógssandur, North east Iceland. Sit in a barrel of warm beer while sipping a cold one.

    Swimming pools & Spas
  • Eagle Air Iceland

    Downtown Reykjavik +354 562 4200 Website

    Eagle Air is an Icelandic airline with 38 years of flying experience in the fields of transport, tourism and emergency response.

    Airoplane Tours
  • SBA Norðurleið

    North East Iceland (+354) 5 500 700 Website

    SBA – Nordurleid specialises in coach charter services and offers high-grade buses. The company also offers a variety of sightseeing tours from Akureyri.

    Sightseeing Tours
  • Into the Glacier

    Into the Glacier offers tours to Iceland‘s a man–made ice cave. The ice tunnel and the caves are located high on Iceland‘s second largest glacier, Langjökull.

    Caving Glacier Tours
  • Hreyfill Taxi

    Founded in 1943, Hreyfill Taxi is one of Iceland’s most respected taxi services. Besides providing comfort and convenient transportation around Reykjavik.

    Sightseeing Tours

    Downtown Reykjavik +(354) 578 6200 Website takes scuba divers and snorkelers from all over the world to some of Iceland’s and our planet’s most unique and amazing dive and snorkel sites since 1997.

    Diving & Snorkeling
  • TripGuide Iceland

    Close to Downtown +354-519-3500 Website

    TripGuide Iceland offers a range of Tours & Activities with a Best Price Guarantee. TripGuide also offers a variety of rental car & transport options including airport transfers to and from Keflavik Airport.

    Land activities Water activities Air activities
  • Reykjavik’s Thermal Swimming Pools

    Close to Downtown Website

    There are few places in Iceland where health and pleasure come together than at a Reykjavik swimming pool. Icelanders love using the swimming pools as a way of relaxing and socializing.

    Swimming pools & Spas
  • Gray Line Iceland

    Downtown Reykjavik +354 540 1313 Website

    Since 1910, Gray Line has been a trusted provider of traveler experiences and sightseeing tours in the world’s most sought after locations.

    Sightseeing Tours
  • Heydalur

    Heydalur is an environmentally-friendly tourist service run by one family. Various activities such as horse riding, walking tours, fishing, and kayak trips are on offer.

    Land activities Water activities
  • Gateway to Iceland

    An independent Tour Operator and Inbound Travel Agency, specializing in travel arrangements in Iceland for individuals and small groups.

    Sightseeing Tours Super Jeep Tours
  • Smáratívolí Amusement Park

    Smáratívolí is an indoor entertainment centre where everyone can find an activity to suit their taste, such as lasertag, a teddy bear factory and a crèche for children.

  • Skorrahestar

    Skorrahestar is a family run horse rental which offers unforgettable horse riding tours through the amazing landscape of Norðfjörður.

    Horse Riding
  • Arctic Adventures

    Close to Downtown +354 562 7000 Website

    Arctic Adventures is one of the biggest adventure tour operators in Iceland. They operate from the headquarters in Reykjavik but also have operation locations in the countryside.

    Land activities Water activities
  • Reykjavík Sightseeing

    Downtown Reykjavik +354 497 5000 Website

    Reykjavik Sightseeing is a leading operator of guided day tours in Reykjavik city and the southwest of Iceland. Reykjavik Sightseeing offers many popular day tours from Reykjavik.

    Biking / Cycling Tasting Tours Sightseeing Tours
  • Ice 1 Lux trips

    North East Iceland +354 823 7708 Website

    Ice 1 lux trips focus on quality service and luxury day tours in small group or private tours. We focus on combined, nature, local food and treatment for your best experience of travel in Iceland all under professiona

    Tasting Tours Sightseeing Tours
  • Hildibrand Hotel

    Hildibrand Hotel offers various activities in the area with a wonderful boat trip into the fjord where the possibility of seeing humpback whales.

    Whale Watching & Sailing
  • Special Tours

    Downtown Reykjavik +354 560 8800 Website

    Special Tours offers sea adventures all year around, both to individuals and groups.

    Whale Watching & Sailing
  • MudShark Ecotours

    MudShark, an Icelandic tour company located in Hella, organizes short tours for travelers in South Iceland. MudShark is an environmentally friendly company.

    Hiking & Trekking Sightseeing Tours Super Jeep Tours
  • VíkurHestar

    Reykjanes Peninsula +354 6912196 Website

    Small horse rental in heart of Grindavík. We want you to experience the Icelandic horse and nature by riding in Grindavík.

    Horse Riding
  • Iceland Mountain Guides

    Day & multi-day adventure tours for all skill levels.

    Glacier Tours Hiking & Trekking Sightseeing Tours
  • Arctic Tours Iceland

    Small family travel company. Private tours around Iceland for small groups.

    Sightseeing Tours Super Jeep Tours
  • Nauthólsvík Geothermal Beach

    Downtown Reykjavik Website

    At the bottom of the Öskjuhlíð hill, you can find the man-made beach at Nauthólsvík. Set within a 3.5 km walk from the town centre and only a 1.3 km walk from the Pearl.

    Swimming pools & Spas
  • Mountaineers of Iceland

    Close to Downtown +354 580 9900 Website

    Mountaineers of Iceland is one of the largest snowmobile tour operators in Iceland but also operate a large fleet of specially designed glacier super trucks and super jeeps.

    Glacier Tours Super Jeep Tours Snowmobile Tours
  • Reykjavík Excursions

    Downtown Reykjavik +354 580 5400 Website

    One of the largest tour operators in Iceland, offering a range of excellent tours and services for individuals and groups.

    Sightseeing Tours