The Grandi District  

Walking further along  the Old Harbour area, past the  Icelandair Marina hotel and the ship yard and along the waterfront to the Maritime Museum, you will have reached the Grandi District. This area is a wonderful example of how tourism has replaced fishing as the top industry in Iceland. A host of art galleries and designers‘ workshops are located in disused fishermen‘s baiting sheds or store rooms. Fish processing plants still exist in the area and Grandi is still the hub for fishermen and their catch. Grandagarður consists of a long row of baiting sheds that have been revitalized by artists and designers, bringing art and food to the area.  The ice-cream connoisseur, Valdís is a very popular place amongst Icelanders. The designer store, Farmers and Friends, has made a name for itself for its unique woollen items and form-fitting pants.   If you can´t get to see the northern lights on your tour, don‘t despair, Aurora Reykjavik  at the roundabout on Grandagarður is the perfect substitute to see this celestial spectacle. At Grandagarður 16, Bergsson RE is the place to go for a good lunch of fresh fish. Moving onto the next street, Fiskislóð, Whales of Iceland has an informative display of life-size whales. Cheaper grocery stores Bónus, Nettó and Krónan are also located on this street.  The Grandi District is definitely a place to take your time, relax and shop. Or just sit in the sun at one of the coffee shops and watch the activity in the harbour.