Baðhúsið SPA

Baðhúsið – SPA is situated on the ground floor of Gistihúsið – Lake Hotel Egilsstadir. It features a comfortable, indoor hot tub (40°C) and a mild sauna which combines the comforts of the steam room and the dry sauna. Its humidity is around 60% and it warms up to 65°C. There is also a cool sitting pool of 10°C. Relaxing areas are both indoors and outside. The view from Baðhúsið – SPA across the lake Lagarfljót is very beautiful.

We want our guest’s visit to the spa to be an enjoyable experience of tranquility, relaxation and rejuvenation. Bathrobes and towels are provided in the dressing rooms. Pool service can be provided at your convenience from our special Baðhúsið – SPA menu.

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