Here you can find information about driving in Iceland, like Car Rentals, Camper Rentals, Petrol Stations and more. As in most countries, there are a number of different car rental companies in Iceland. Most vehicles offer pick-ups at the airport. Unlike other countries, not all towns in Iceland have car rental offices. If you want to hire a car, it is best to browse the information below and pick what suits you best.

Many of the smaller towns and villages in Iceland do not offer car rentals or taxis, simply because there is no need for them by locals. Make sure you get information on where this service is offered before heading out.

Camper vans are becoming a very popular travel option in Iceland and there are several companies which offer camper van rentals. The range is from small two-person RVs to family motor homes. Prices and services offered vary between companies, so shop around.

Remember to practice conscious tourism while travelling through the Icelandic nature in a camper van. Camp in designated camping areas, do not drive off road (as it is prohibited and punishable by law) and keep your trash until you can dispose of it in an appropriate dustbin.

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