Done with sightseeing? It’s time for shopping and in Iceland you have a great choice of shops and galleries.

Reykjavík’s size makes shopping easy and pleasurable as the main shopping streets are within walking distance of each other, so once you are in town, there’s no need for transport. Just a big, reusable shopping bag.

Downtown Reykjavik consists of a mixture of galleries, jewellers, fashion designers, handcraft galleries and second-hand stores.  In fact, when shopping in Reykjavik, everything you need is always close by.

Walking along Laugarvegur, the main shopping street, you can find souvenirs, books and charity shops as well as many restaurants. It’s the hub of downtown.

Skólavörðurstigur, graced by Hallgrimskirkja at the top, is the street of galleries and specialty shops. Here you can buy your woollen goods, taste Icelandic cheese or listen to some good Icelandic music at the record store.

Further down, in Bankastræti, there are high-end jewellery stores, Icelandic outdoor clothing and excellent coffee.

The Old Harbour Area and Grandi District are the hip places to be with designer workshops and delicatessens taking over disused baiting sheds and fishermen’s garages. It is the new social hub of museums, restaurants and speciality shops for the eager consumer who is looking for something slightly different.

There are also two main shopping centres in Reykjavík, which house a good selection of well-known clothing stores, coffee shops and a supermarket as well as other specialist stores. Kringlan is close to the city centre whereas Smáralind is situated in Kópavogur.  Both shopping centres offer a free shuttle service from downtown.


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