Sealife Trust – Beluga Whale Sanctuary

The Sea Life Trust Beluga Whale Sanctuary is the world’s first open water sea sanctuary, and is also home to the Visitor Centre, Puffin Rescue Centre and aquarium.

The Sanctuary is operated by the SEA LIFE Trust, a charity registered in England and Wales and CAF America approved. All money raised from ticket sales helps us to provide the best possible care for Little White and Little Grey, as well as the other animals we look after here at the Sanctuary.Our Visitor Centre is open seasonally from April to October and includes Iceland´s only Puffin Rescue Centre and a native species aquarium.Puffin Rescue Centre – See our resident puffins, learn all about these amazing birds that inhabit the Vestmannaeyjar islands and hear about how we, along with the islanders, are helping to protect them.Our native species aquarium showcases some of the beautiful animals that share the belugas’ new home.Klettsvik BayKlettsvik Bay is across the harbour from our Visitor Centre and is the new home for the resident belugas. During the summer months, we run carefully managed boat trips to visit the bay from Vestmannaeyjar Harbour which allows you to view the belugas home from a discreet distance.

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