All over Iceland you will find different kinds of accommodation to suit your needs. Top class hotels are concentrated mainly in the cities, but don’t be surprised when you find an excellent country hotel in a small village.  Guesthouses have become more and more popular as affordable accommodation, some of which offer shared or private bathroom options.  There are hostels in various parts of the country which cater for both groups and individuals.  These vary in quality and character, but most are comfortable and the cheaper accommodation option for visitors to Iceland. Some hostels have shared facilities while in others there is an option of a private bathroom.

Other accommodation options in the countryside are farm holidays and camping. Farm holidays involve accommodation on farms in remote areas of the Icelandic countryside.  They usually take the form of small cottages or summer houses.  Farm holidays give the visitor an opportunity to experience farm life in Iceland.

The cheapest way to spend a night in Iceland is to camp. There are camping sites dotted all over Iceland.  They range from very basic grass plots to more serviced areas with good facilities.  Most camping sites have electric units for camper vans and are situated close to the town swimming pool with hot tubs and showers. It is now forbidden to tent just anywhere in Iceland, so please make use of the camping areas provided for campers.

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