Leading the way

The power of nature is at work in Iceland in more ways than one. Instead of using fuels such as coal or oil, which cannot be replaced, Iceland meets virtually all of its needs for electricity and heating with renewable resources. In fact, the country is widely recognized as a world leader in sustainable energy development.

Heat for homes, greenhouses and pools

For over one hundred years, Iceland has harnessed natural forces to generate clean energy. Today, all of the country’s electricity comes from renewable resources; hydro, wind and geothermal. Around 70% is currently generated by hydro power, and the rest by geothermal and wind power.

What’s more, geothermal energy provides heating and hot water for the majority of buildings in Iceland. This renewable energy has helped to inspire numerous entrepreneurial companies in sectors as diverse as genetics, health-related tourism and fish farming. It plays an essential role in growing vegetables all year round in geothermal greenhouses, as well as providing enjoyment in the form of geothermal pools all around Iceland.