Iceland’s nature isn’t just amazingly pretty, it’s powerful too. Iceland meets virtually all of its needs for electricity and heating with renewable resources and is a world leader in sustainable energy development.

All of Iceland’s electricity – 100% – comes from renewable resources; hydro, wind and geothermal. For over one hundred years, Iceland has made use of these forces to generate clean energy. 70% of the nation’s electricity are generated by hydro power and 30% by geothermal power. In addition, geothermal energy provides heating and hot water for approximately 90% of all buildings in Iceland. There are also plans for increased development in wind power.

The forces of nature inspire pure innovation for numerous entrepreneurial companies in various fields, such as genetics, health-related tourism and fish farming. They’re also essential to growing vegetables all-year-round in geothermal greenhouses. And, last but not least, they provide us with many geothermal pools in Iceland.

Welcome to the land of renewable energy!