Travel in Iceland needs a bit more preparation than expected because it is mainly countryside that you’re dealing with. Here is a list of things to consider while travelling in this beautiful country.

  • WEATHER – Always check what you are heading into before you leave, especially in winter. This could make a big difference to your trip.  Weather in Iceland demands respect. Check out for forecasts
  • REFUELLING – There are service stations all over the country and most within a good distance of each other, but there is not one on every corner, so make sure of the distances between places before setting off. It costs between 5000 – 10 000 kr to fill a tank.
  • CLOTHING – While in Iceland, it is wise to have some rain gear with you as well as a warm jacket. The weather changes rapidly here when it wants to and so it is good to be prepared for all kinds of weather.
  • TOILETS – Some are free, some you have to pay for. All service stations have facilities as well as main tourist attractions, but there might not be a toilet at every stop you make.
  • LITTER –  Most travel in Iceland occurs outside urban areas where there are no garbage bins for your rubbish. Keep a plastic bag with you to collect any rubbish you make until you reach a service station where you can dispose of it.
  • PATHS AND SIGNS – These are all for your information and safety, so stick to the paths and follow to the signs. Most tourist signs will be in English and Icelandic or will be in the form of an icon or picture. Not difficult to understand.
  • SAFE TRAVEL – For your own peace of mind, register with this website and they will make sure you are helped if you are lost or in trouble.
  • CONSCIOUS TOURISM – The Icelandic nature is not used to being trampled upon and is sensitive and fragile in parts. Please show respect by not taking any pieces of Iceland with you. Private land is not to be entered without permission. Camping in camping sites only. International driving rules apply to Iceland so please, no stopping on roads to take pictures. This is highly dangerous and has caused fatal accidents.

And now…go and enjoy!