Reykjavík has an excellent selection of top class restaurants, most of which are located in and around the city centre. Globalization has reached the city and can be seen in the wide range of tastes and flavours here.  So if you like Asian, Japanese, Italian, Nordic, French or fusion cuisine, or would like to try something Icelandic, then head downtown and take your pick. The combination of fresh ingredients and raw passion make it easy for chefs to create mouth-watering eating experiences in Iceland. Using only the best raw materials available, such as Icelandic mountain lamb, freshly-caught fish or newly-picked herbs, our chefs can create anything from a simple traditional dish to a masterpiece on a plate. Most restaurants also offer non-meat dishes for vegans and vegetarians.

Fine dining is a must when on holiday and Iceland is no exception. If you want a special night out, you will have a good choice of top-class restaurants with award-winning chefs, who have won praises for their cooking skills and innovative ideas. When you go fine dining, you can expect top quality service, a cosy ambience, unique menus and an excellent selection of wine.

If you prefer something more informal and less expensive, casual dining is easy in Reykjavík as restaurants in this category also offer good service, delicious meals, a good wine selection and comfortable seating. This category includes bistros and family restaurants.

Your busy schedule on holiday might make budget dining more of a necessity as you move between places or activities. It involves fast service, limited seating and tasty meals. A lot of food wagons have opened up all over the town centre offering a variety of fast food delights. Upmarket take-aways are also included in this category.

Good to know
  • You can ask for a children’s menu, when dining out with little ones.
  • Tipping is not customary in Iceland since service is included in the price.
  • All restaurants, cafés and bars in Iceland are non-smoking areas.
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