The West Fjords are Iceland’s best-kept secret. This isolated, rugged part of Iceland is still largely undiscovered territory.  If you want to escape the crowds and discover tranquility, then make your way to the West Fjords.  If you want to have a peaceful experience in the wilderness where high mountains dominate the skyline, waterfalls flow freely and the sound of bird song is heard on the dramatic coastline, then the West Fjords are waiting.

The West Fjords make up a huge area which is mostly unpopulated. Small friendly villages are located in the fjords, each with its own character. You can experience sea monsters in Bildudalur and sorcery in Hólmavík after going whale watching.  Hiking, or just chilling out in the many natural hot tubs in the West Fjords is also a good idea.

The westernmost point of Europe is here at Látrabjarg cliffs, a puffin haven with magnificent views of Breiðarfjörður. The majestic Dynjandi waterfall is in a protected nature area and is a must-stop for visitors to West Fjords. Ísafjörður in the north part, is the largest town in the West fjords and home to three popular summer festivals. Birds of Heaven is the impressive altar piece in the interesting church. Hornstrandir is a nature reserve, well-protected and difficult to get to. This paradise is uninhabited by humans but is home to the arctic fox, hundreds of birds and seals.

From the west coast to the east coast of the West Fjords, adventure is waiting. Be prepared.

Learn more about the West Fjords at www.westfjords.is