Water Activities in Iceland

The abundance of water in Iceland has made it possible to add more activities to an already exciting list of things to do. Powerful waterfalls, raging rivers and the vast ocean all create perfect opportunities for water enthusiasts. There is an element of risk to these activities that stimulates adrenalin and attracts thrill seekers. In Iceland there is also a wow factor. For example, when you go diving in Þingvellir, you are not only witnessing an underwater fissure where two continents meet, you are also diving into the crystal, clear waters of a National Park lake. Swimming around one of the top dive sites of the world, Silfra, is an experience nobody forgets. This is an opportunity to watch underwater Iceland with Dive.is.
Rafting down the azure waters of the Hvítá river in the Gullfoss canyon is made more memorable by the combination of sheer beauty and raging rapids. The mighty Jökulsá river in the north-west region is used for both extreme and family rafting rides.
If the rapids are not for you, try kayaking on a glacial lake amongst floating icebergs, or across a serene fjord with seals staring at you, or with some luck, a whale or two. This is the perfect silent, peaceful way of experiencing Iceland’s water world.
Under an Arctic Sky is a short movie showing the extraordinary experience of surfing under the northern lights in Iceland. If you like catching waves before they catch you, try arctic surfing. Iceland has gained popularity for extreme sports and the wild ocean of the Reykjanes peninsula is a hot spot for surfers.
While the above activities involve the interaction of humans with water, there are noisier, faster ways to enjoy Iceland’s ocean. Skimming across the ocean on a jet-ski is a fast way to use the sea for fun and high-speed RIBs can move you faster for a close-up whale watching experience.
Whatever the choice, be sure to practice conscious tourism by respecting the nature that gave you your thrill. Don’t throw coins into the lakes and please take your rubbish with you so that future visitors can enjoy the pristine nature of Iceland as well.