The charming Old Harbour was transformed into a dynamic neighborhood when a group of energetic individuals renovated old fishermen’s huts to revamp this historic area. Just a few minutes’ walk from the city centre, the Old Harbour Area is now a hub of delicious seafood restaurants, whale and bird watching tours, stylish design boutiques, arts and crafts, souvenir and coffee shops as well as a cinema.

Enjoy the view of the ocean from one of the waterfront restaurants, the boats, the bustle of a genuine working harbour and the smell of the sea. Old Harbour Souvenirs is a treasure trove of Icelandic crafts and souvenirs. Among the good restaurants in the area is the 101 Harbour, Slippbarinn at Icelandair Hotel Marina, The Steakhouse and two Icelandic fish and chips restaurants across the street.

The Seabaron is popular for its lobster soup and Kopar, focuses on Icelandic ingredients. A few meters away is Mar Restaurant. Iceland’s original burger joint, Hamborgarabúllan, is a favourite place for locals to grab a quick bite. Raw on the inside, this popular place is housed in the iconic rounded building on a street called Burgerjoint at the start of the whale watching pier.

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