As a traveller residing outside Iceland, you are entitled to claim VAT on your purchases. Shopping for more than 6000 ISK on one receipt makes you eligible for a tax refund, so remember to ask for your Tax Free Refund Form at the store counter. When departing from Keflavík Airport, the Tax Free Refund is paid in the currency of your choice. Other departure points usually have a service desk or tax-free agent on board.

Collect your Refund

Collect your refund in cash, get it credited to your credit card or mail back the check by using the Refund envelope accompanying the check. Make sure you are well informed of the terms and conditions.

  • standard VAT rates are 24% and for books and music is 11% .
  • Minimum spending amount (VAT included) is 6,000 ISK.
  • Maximum 3 months from date of purchase for validation of goods.
  • Purchased items, together with receipts and other documents must be shown BEFORE going to passport control.
  • Purchaser has to have permanent residence outside of Iceland.

More information HERE.

Refund Locations

Collect your refund at these locations:Collect your refund at these locations:

  • Keflavík airport – Arion Bank
  • Reykjavík airport – Information desk
  • Reykjavík harbour – Service centre for cruise passengers
  • Seyðisfjörður Port – Tax-free desk, Smyril Line

For more information, see kefairport.com or cruiseiceland.com