The Golden Circle is the most popular tourist route in Iceland departing from Reykjavík and covering a vast area of geological and historical attractions. There are three main points of interest on the Golden Circle. Þingvellir National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and seat of the first parliament is a beautiful area with a lake, natural vegetation and visible tectonic fissures, which are popular amongst divers and snorkelers. This area is also a delight to walk around, soaking in history, geology and nature with every step.

Another major stop is the Geysir Geothermal Area, Iceland‘s very own pressure valve with Strokkur letting off steam every few minutes in a 30m high aquatic burst. This hot geothermal area is fascinating with its colours, smells and energy.

The third classic stop on the Circle is the mesmerising Gullfoss Waterfall. Seen from a dizzy height, this waterfall is two-tiered and plunges 32m illuminated by sunshine and rainbows but also in its winter coat of icicles and frozen spray.

There are a number of other attractions in the area to visit that would put a personal touch to your own Golden Circle tour. They are Laugarvatn on the banks of a warm lake and sheltered by a birch-covered mountain, Kerið, a volcanic crater that has hosted floating music concerts, Flúðir, home of the Secret Lagoon and Icelandic button mushroom farming. Reykjadalur near Hveragerði, is a valley of geothermal hot springs ready for soaking in.