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Dining in Iceland | Restaurants in Reykjavik

dining in iceland & reykjavik

dining in iceland, icelandic restaurants

Dining in Iceland? Icelandic restaurants are a treat, considering the small size of the capital, there is an excellent choice of gourmet restaurants available. In Reykjavík, everyone will find a restaurant catering for their taste - whether Icelandic restaurants, Asian, Japanese, Italian or French or fusion cuisine. We have chosen a sample of restaurants, ranging from medium priced all the way to the high end. Many of the restaurants on this list employ award winning chefs, who have won praise for their innovative cooking and overall skills. Using only the best raw materials available, such as Icelandic mountain lamb and freshly caught fish, they create masterpieces that you will always remember. When in Reykjavík - dine in style!

Barónstíg 11a
101 Reykjavík
551 9555
Argentína steakhouse ...quality from start to finish This dark and rustic restaurant is one of the city´s best. Argentina Steakhouse opened 1989... more
Hverfisgötu 56
101 Reykjavík
552 1630
Austur Indíafélagið takes pride in serving an authentic cuisine of exotic home blended herbs and spices married with the highest quality of Icelandic ... more
Austurstræti 22
101 Reykjavík
562 7335
This Mediterranean restaurant is located in a charming old building right in the centre of town.
The restaurant, which is on two floors is for i... more
Vesturgata 2a, Grófartorg
101 Reykjavík
552 5300
During the groundwork stages of the Grófartorg reconstruction area, excavation unearthed remnants of the older harbour, which has now been incorporat... more
107 Reykjavík
525 9960
For those who visit Grillið, located on the top floor of Radisson BLU Hotel Saga, it’s not only the perfectly executed food that leaves behind t... more
Bankastræti 2
101 Reykjavík
551 4430
Your meal straight from the nature of Iceland!
Through the years, Lækjarbrekka has earned itself a reputation for culinary perfection and its special ambience. A trip to Lækjarbrekka is satisfactio... more
Geirsgata 9
101 Reykjavík
519 5050
MAR Restaurant by the old harbour is under new management. New emphasis includes a more casual and lively atmosphere with an Icelandic flavour as well... more
The restaurant is located in an old yellow building across the street from the city center tourist
information office, near the old harbour. The... more
Austurstræti 4
101 Reykjavík
551 0292
The taste is as original as it is in a kitchen in Pakistan or India. Shalimar is well known in Iceland for its well spiced and mouth watering dishes. ... more
Vesturgata 3b
101 Reykjavík
551 2344
Guests can select from a handful of tapas courses and therefore set the price themselves. Example of courses are the marine plate, the lamb plate, the... more
Vegamótstíg 4
101 Reykjavík
511 3040
There is a beer offer on weekdays and until eight o´clock during the weekend. When the sun is shining it is great to sit outside. At night time if you... more
73 Restaurant
Laugavegur 73
101 Reykjavík
555 7373
Apotek Restaurant
Austurstræti 16
101 Reykjavík
551 0011
Nýlendugata 14
101 Reykjavík
517 1800
Geysir bistro bar
Aðalstræti 2
101 Reykjavík
517 4300
PHO Vietnamese restaurant
Suðurlandsbraut 8
108 Reykjavík
588 6868
Skólavörðustíg 14
101 Reykjavík
571 1100
Templarasund 3
101 Reykjavík
571 1822
Bergsson RE
Grandagarður 16
101 Reykjavík
571 1822
Ægisgarður 2
101 Reykjavík
512 8181
Twined for 90 years
Our "casa", Sólfell was built in 1921 and has a rich history twined with Spain. Originally Sólfell housed the pro... more

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