Víti, translates as “Hell”, is an explosion crater and is located in the highlands of Iceland, northern side of Vatnajökull glacier. There is a lake at the bottom of the crater, 150 metres in diameter, which is filled with geothermal, sulphurous water where people can bathe. The temperature of the water is around 25-30 degrees. Bathing here, after you hike down the crater, is very rewarding. Be aware that the path can be quite slippery in rainy weather. Near Víti is Öskjuvatn, the lake that fills Askja’s caldera. This is the second deepest lake in Iceland, after Jökulsárlón, the glacial lagoon. Both Víti and Öskjuvatn were created after a volcanic eruption which took place in 1875. GPS coordinates: 65.04708 -16.72347

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