Svanhildur R Svansson

Event- workshop in Iceland essences and aromatherapy.

A magical and enchanting experience that offers a smorgersbord of samples of Icelandic nature and essential oils among many other beautiful ingredients to chose from and to create your very own custom made spray essence. Take home a cobalt blue bottle as a souvenir or gift knowing each ingredient and their medicinal benefits.

You will spend three hours in my studio in the town of lava and elves creating magic in a bottle while exploring natural hand harvested natural elements such as Arctic Thyme, moss and birch and many many more. Educate yourself about the fragile Icelandic nature while creating a wonderful gift to take home a special sampling of Iceland!

We will make an aromatic tea as well and sip the warmth of the organic nature provided. As an added gift take away a tea pouch and an extra sample of your Mother Essence- learn how at this amazing workshop in Iceland with a Certified Essence Practitioner with years of experience. Fun, educational and rewarding. See you in the town of the elves Hafnarfjörður stationed mid way between the airport arrival and the city of Reykjavík. Perfect stop and a warm and inviting event awaits and you take home the gifts that will keep on giving after you depart.

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