Klambragislaug is mostly known as “The hot river” from Reykjadalur valley. Reykjadalur, The Steam Valley, is located in Hveragerdi, only 45 km away from Reykjavik. The approach to the capital area makes it a very popular destination for the tourists who love both hiking and bathing and want to combine them in a one day trip. In order to reach the bathing place you have to hike for about 45 minutes-1 hour. The trail starts in the parking lot and is marked along the way. We advise you stay not the path, as the nature is very sensitive. The valley is filled with boiling hot springs, fumaroles and mud pools, making the scenery a spectacular one. Once you arrive at the bathing spot, you will see a wooden pathway along the river, where you can let your belongings. There is no changing facilities but you have some wooden walls that give you a certain privacy when you change your clothes. The temperature of the water depends on the weather and keep in mind that further you go against the stream, warmer the water it gets. GPS coordinates: 64.04858 -21.22253

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