Í Túninu Heima Town Festival

Mosfellsbær town festival, Í túninu heima, is held on the last weekend of August each year. It is truly a family festival which spans over three days where everyone should find something they like.

The town is at it‘s most festive, decorated with a specific color theme for each district. There are several cultural experiences to choose from, concerts, art exhibitions, open air markets and sports events. The fair starts with a parade, a bonfire and group singing in Álafosskvos. Most of the fairs events are held outdoors and to name a few there are the following: market in Álafosskvos and in Mosfellsdalur, Chicken-festival, the airplane- and car exhibition of the Mosfellsbær flyingclub at Tungubakkar, children’s program and a fair at the town square. Health related experiences are held at Varmá sport center.

The highlight of the festival is on Saturday night when there is a grand concert at the town square where renowned Icelandic bands play along with local musicians. At the end of the concert there are fireworks. For those that are still up for something more there is a dance at Varmá sport center into the night. The festivals theme is the traditional Icelandic wool sweater.

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