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East Iceland
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Egilsstaðir is the centre of the East. It is the stop-over point for many visitors to the area whether they come by boat, car or plane. Egilsstaðir has a domestic airport and is the shopping choice for passengers off the Norræna ferry in Seyðisfjörður. There is also a hospital and a college. Being centrally-located in the region, Egilsstaðir is only a short distance from all the main attractions and fjords. Together with Fellabær and the surrounding Fljótsdalshérað, there are about 3500 inhabitants in the area. The mild climate is reflected in the congenial spirit of the locals who are energetic, friendly and innovative. There are numerous museums in Egilsstaðir as well as handcraft galleries and cultural events held in the old slaughterhouse.

The local swimming pool is family-friendly with wading pools, hot tubs, a main pool and a waterslide. Tjarnagarðurinn is a lovely park in the heart of the town where Frisbee golf can be played. Walking along the woodchip trails beside the Eyvindará river in the Selskógur forest is a nature lover‘s delight.

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