Coming from a pure lineage of 1,100 years, Icelandic Lamb grazes freely in wild pastures, acquiring delicate flavors of berries and arctic herbs. An integral aspect of our heritage and true to a tradition dating back to the Viking age, premium quality Icelandic lamb offers a taste experience beyond compare.

Characteristic flavor created by nature

Our Icelandic lambs graze in Iceland’s wild mountainous pastures on luscious green grass, herbs and berries which make Icelandic Lamb instantly recognizable for its delicious and distinctive game-like flavor. Always looking for newly sprouted grass, the freshest herbs and the purest Icelandic spring water, our Icelandic lambs work their way from the lowlands to the highlands, where they are then brought down by farmers in the autumn.

Fortified by freedom

Icelandic lambs are released to graze freely in the rolling valleys and mountain pastures of our pure, unspoiled and nutrient-rich landscape. This means they are free-range and free from growth-promoting antibiotics, growth hormones, and are non-GMO. They are quite simply reared on the goodness of the Icelandic environment. The sheep are born in spring and roam free until autumn. All year round, they are followed closely by our farmers, while living their natural life cycle.

1,100 years of lamb farming tradition

As the Vikings set foot on Iceland over 1,100 years ago, their unique breed of sheep kicked and jumped past them into Iceland’s rich green pastures. That was the beginning of our sheep farming tradition, which we can proudly say is as old as the Icelandic people themselves. Today, the Icelandic Lamb Marketing Board is a collective of farmers, producers and abattoirs proudly continuing these long-standing traditions where all sheep- and lamb farms are small family-owned businesses.

Pure Icelandic pastures create pure Icelandic Lamb

Iceland is one of the world’s youngest land masses, surrounded by the unspoiled North Atlantic and on the cusp of the Arctic Circle. This is where our Icelandic Lamb and sheep graze in fertile, pristine pastures all summer long. The purity of the landscape ensures the matching purity of our Icelandic lambs – no other lamb breed can quite reach the same standard.

We care for every single lamb

Sheep farmers in Iceland take a personal approach to animal welfare. In May, at the start of lambing season, Icelandic farmers prepare for the birth of a new flock. This is a special time when each newborn lamb is welcomed. Farmers take great care to track which lambs have come from which ewe and as they grow and develop in these first few weeks, they keep a watchful eye on them. By having a close relationship with their sheep, filled with care and concern, risk factors in health and disease are minimized.

Geographical indications

Icelandic Lamb is the first Icelandic agricultural product protected by the Icelandic Geographical Indications Quality Scheme for agricultural products and foodstuffs. It was registered as a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) in early 2018. The scheme originates in regulations of the European Union on quality schemes for agricultural products and foodstuffs which aims to ensure that only products genuinely originating in that region are allowed to be identified as such in commerce.

Introduction text for recipes

Flavoured by the wild pastures and raised without any hormones, GMO‘s or growth promoting antibiotics in a pure environment, Icelandic lamb meat is wonderfully lean, flavorful and tender. High levels of iron and Omega 3s and the distinctive taste is a result of the grass and the aromatic and spicy herbs on which the lambs graze.

About Icelandic Lamb

Icelandic Lamb was founded by Icelandic farmers in order to tell the story of the product, safeguarding, protecting and promoting Icelandic lamb. Building a brand with our collective mark and working on product identification for Icelandic lamb on the relevant markets we encourage value creation in the sector, increasing the profitability for the value chain, Icelandic Lamb does nott sell any product, is only doing general marketing and works with partners in production, wholesale, retail and restaurants.