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Akranes was the first place to show signs of becoming an Icelandic fishing village when Bishop Brynjólfur from Skálholt started fishing in 1650 and sold fish products to Europe. In this way he acquired revenue to run the Skálholt School and thus kept education going within the country. Akranes is still a flourishing fishing village today. In the town centre there is a memorial by Marteinn Guðmundsson commemorating local fishermen who drowned at sea. There is a good 18-hole golf course which has produced a number of professional golfers.

There are two lighthouses in Akranes which are possible to visit. An inform-ation centre is housed in one of them. They were built in 1918 and 1944 respectively. A variety of cultural events such as musical concerts and art exhibitions are held in the newer lighthouse.

The museum at Garðar consists of a collection of old houses and boats, which gives a good insight into ancient times. It is possible to book a private concert with a tuneful family, Travel Tunes Iceland, in one of the old houses or in the lighthouse.

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