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Icelandic Music Articles about Pubs & Nightlife

Iceland, you will always hear some music somewhere. And if you don’t, just go outside and listen to the music of nature…the source of inspiration for Icelandic music and musicians….

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Icelandic Music The music scene in Iceland is vibrant and varied and has a few international stars to its name. Björk and Sigurós are world famous, putting Icelandic music onto…

Public Holidays in Iceland Information about Iceland

…heart with music and camping festivals all around the country. December 1, Independence Day On this day in 1918, Iceland was officially declared an independent nation. December 23, Þorláksmessa This…

Í Túninu Heima Town Festival Culture

…town square where renowned Icelandic bands play along with local musicians. At the end of the concert there are fireworks. For those that are still up for something more there…