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Time in Iceland: 22:48
Weather in Iceland at: 08:00
Temperature: 3.9 C°
Wind: 8 m/s.
Temperature: 2.4 C°
Wind: 5 m/s.
Temperature: 2.3 C°
Wind: 9 m/s.
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Visitor's Guide Pocket Book

Available with the information services at Keflavík airport as well as at hotels, guesthouses and information centres around Iceland.

The Visitor's Guide is a pocket-sized 258 page book, which contains a lot of useful and valuable information on Reykjavik and Iceland. The guide contains articles about Alþingi (the old Icelandic parliament), the Northern Lights, Icelandic horses, whales and birds. There are also articles about traditional Icelandic food and the Icelandic water as well as some food recipes, information about Icelandic names, art, culture, children's activities in Reykjavik and Reykjavik outdoors. You will also find suggestions to some countryside destinations and information about prices.

More important information is included in the book, such as the time of sunrise and sunset in Reykjavik, along with information about the average temperature and the number of daylight hours in Reykjavik. The last two are compared to other cities and countries, and the comparison may surprise many foreigners since the temperature in Reykjavik is a lot higher than is generally believed.

Important dates in the history of Iceland are traced on a banner running through the Guide, all the way back to the 9th century.

The Visitors' Guide has information and advertisements for restaurants (some of which have special offers and discounts in the book), shopping, tours, leisure and recreation. It has information on all the thermal swimming pools in Reykjavik, such as the facilities in each pool, prices, opening hours and the location, which is shown on a map. You will also find information about the cafés and the nightlife in Reykjavik, the main bus routes, statistics and much more.

There are also quick lists of how much things cost in Iceland, as well as discount coupons which give discounts at restaurants, whale watching tours, car rental and more.

The guide has two maps of Reykjavik; one covering almost all the city and the other showing the City Centre, as well as a map of Kópavogur. All those maps show the location of companies covered with articles and / or advertisments in the book. A third Reykjavík map portrays walking routes in the centre, where interesting places are specially marked for travellers' convenience. In addition to this there is a map showin Laugardalur valley, a park in the middle of Reykjavík that offers various leisure and recreation activities at places such as the Laugardalur thermal swimming pool, Reykjavik Park and Zoo, Reykjavik Botanical Garden, the ice-skating hall and more. All these places are marked on the map.

You can view the full guide on screen through our website, or download a printable version, before you arrive.

Click here to order the Visitor's Guide Pocket Book. We ship worldwide!

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