• Historic Facts
  • Exchange Rates
Buying Selling 
  USD105.1 105.6 
  GBP138.5 139.1 
  CAD84.1 84.6 
  DKK16.6 16.7 
  EUR124.1 124.8 
  • Weather
Time in Iceland: 22:48
Weather in Iceland at: 08:00
Temperature: 3.9 C°
Wind: 8 m/s.
Temperature: 2.4 C°
Wind: 5 m/s.
Temperature: 2.3 C°
Wind: 9 m/s.
  • Tour Operator


NETID, marketing and business consultancy publishes the Visitor's Guide. NETID also publishes, in addition to Visitor's Guide, three other media for travellers coming to, visiting or returning from their trip to Iceland.

  • Visitor's Guide Information Folder for Tourists.
  • This Visitor's Guide webpage.
  • www.restaurants.is, the only webpage that includes almost every Icelandic restaurant and enables users to search, in a simple and easy manner, for a restaurant of their choice.

NETID specializes in the fields of marketing and business affairs, economic and computer matters. A busniess unit of NETID is Markadsnetid, which promotes many excellent companies in Iceland. NETID emphasizes on a professional working environment and commitment to clients. We also stress that we build a good and trustworthy image for the companies we are promoting. For more information about NETID see www.netid.is.

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