• Historic Facts
  • 1973
    Volcanic eruption begins on Heimaey in the Westman Islands, leaving the island uninhabitable for a few months.

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  USD103.0 103.5 
  GBP136.4 137.1 
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  DKK16.3 16.4 
  EUR121.5 122.2 
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Time in Iceland: 17:19
Weather in Iceland at: 08:00
Temperature: 3.9 C°
Wind: 8 m/s.
Temperature: 2.4 C°
Wind: 5 m/s.
Temperature: 2.3 C°
Wind: 9 m/s.
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Visitor's Guide

The Visitor’s Guide brand
A proven and consistently profitable model
VisitorsGuide.is is offering business ventures in other cities of Europe and USA of its proven and profitable business model in tourist information, under a licensing and franchising agreement or by buying the brand, domain and more in the country in question.

Well known and highly respected
In its 17th year, VisitorsGuide.is is both well known and highly respected for its high standard, both among tourist companies and advertisers. Year after year, the Visitors Guide media has been voted the best tourist information material in a closed vote where nearly all tourist companies in Reykjavik participated. Since 2009, we have also visitorsguide websites in 9 other countries, among else all the Scandinavian countries as well as Spain and France.

A suite consisting of three components

VisitorsGuide.is offers a great brand and information material aimed at tourists visiting Iceland’s as well as other countries. In Iceland the information for tourist is:
1. The website with various information and as well as the possibility of booking accommodation and more.
2. The pocket-size Visitors Guide book which focuses primarily on Reykjavik as well as Iceland in general (it has grown steadily and is now 266 pages).

Plus a website dedicated to restaurants
Since 2006, VisitorsGuide.is also runs the websites www.restaurants.is and www.veitingastadir.is . The websites are running on a very good database with effective search options. On the sites almost all restaurants in Iceland are briefly listed for free, and a more comprehensive listing offered against a fixed annual fee.
The options package of the Visitors Guide is linked to restaurants.is to leverage the synergy between those media. Through the website, tourists can either research restaurants in Iceland prior to visiting or in the country when they have access to the internet.

The franchise agreement could also include a linking to and listing on the restaurants. is website, for instance under the URLs restaurants. is/London or restaurants. is/Paris, or any other city name or domain name.

Please contact
You have the opportunity to help us expand to other countries, by opening a Visitor’s Guide in your city. If you are interested in starting a business of this kind, you get:
a. A comprehensive business model, methodology, handbooks and strategy approaches.
b. Gain direct access to a high-quality and profitable concept and Content Management System
c. All the know-how and consultation needed
We are looking for people or companies with a good knowledge of travelling and publishing industry as well as good marketing skills.
Please contact NETID Marketing and Business Consultancy in Reykjavik, Iceland for more information and details regarding our opportunities at netid@netid.is.

English  Icelandic  French  Swedish  German  Spanish
Visitor's Guide Information Folder was NETIÐ's first product and has been around since 1997. It contains information about selected companies in various branches of the tourist industry; dining, shopping, culture and tours and activities. This information is in six different languages; Icelandic, English, German, French, Spanish and Swedish. The Information Folder is available at all hotels and most guesthouses and information centres in the Greater Reykjavík area - if it is not visible in the lobby just ask at the reception!

Information Folder

The Visitor's Guide Pocket Book was first published in 2000 as a small leaflet, but has now grown to a full size book. The book is now over 258 pages, including articles about Iceland and Icelandic society, good maps of Iceland, Reykjavík and Kópavogur as well as information and ads from Visitor's Guide's selected companies. Visitor's Guide is published in a handy pocket-size, which makes it easy to carry around when travelling and its information is thus always at hand. Some of the companies included in the Visitor's Guide book offer discounts and special offers that are listed on the last pages of the book. The material in the Visitor's Guide book was developed according to the results of surveys among employees in the tourist industry, as well as researches made by the Icelandic Tourist Board, and is aimed at meeting the needs and interests of travellers to Iceland. The guide is available with the information services at Keflavík airport and at hotels, guesthouses and information centres. It can also be viewed from this website, or downloaded.

Visitor's Guide Online was opened in 2001 under the name NETIÐ info, but was reopened on this site in August 2006. The information on the website reflects the contents of both the Information Folder and the Visitor's Guide books; many articles and recommended companies can be found both online and in the printed material. However, online material has much more options for interactivity and Visitor's Guide Online has many such feature, such as an online booking system, polls, a mailing list and an online order form for Visitor's Guide Pocket Book (available for hotels/guesthouses/information centres).

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